Wedding dresses changed from time to time. But along the way, some designs remain and being adapted. Some certain wedding dresses are centered to be the standard of elegance and modesty. These are especially worn by famous personalities such as the royalties, celebrities, etc.

Once an iconic design is presented to the world, it will become a dream wedding dress for every bride. But due to its high expense, there is no other option that to choose cheaper wedding dresses.

The evolution of wedding dresses began even before 1950. But this time, let us feature the wedding dresses designs from 1950 through 2010.

In the 1950s, gloves were a standard fashion with fingerless bridal gloves made of satin, tulle or lace. In this time too, brides preferred shorter hemlines and paid more attention to the shoes. During this time, the wedding dress worn by the American actress Grace Kelly, is proclaimed as one of the most elegant and best-remembered bridal gowns of all time. It is then the iconic outfit designed for Kate Middleton.

The 1960s wedding dresses changed from that of the design of the 1950s. Gowns are high-waisted empire lines. It continued the short length trend from the 40s revealing the legs. The popular flower which brides incorporate into their outfit was the daisy.

Brides wore all kinds of styles regardless of trends in the 1970s. Typical examples are short dressed from the 60s, pantsuit for working woman, hippie frock with flowers in the hair and princess gown.

Meanwhile, full length and cathedral trains came back in the 1980s. It is designed with flowing sleeves down to the wrist with a deep lace-edged frill. Princess Diana wore this kind of dress, an ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown. Since then, it became one of the most famous dresses in the world and in fashion history.

Lots of movies in the 1990s centered around weddings. Thus, it made a huge boom in wedding industry. While in the 2000s, sleeveless wedding gowns had been introduced and still seen today. The 2010s decade brought form fitting and hip hugging gowns. Mermaid gowns are especially popular today because these give feminine and fragile look to every bride. More details and elaborate designs are executed.