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Who Is Discovery's 'Gold Rush' Hottie Parker Schnabel Dating? Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Parker's journey into gold mining began at the incredibly young age of 5, right on his Grandpa John's Big Nugget Mine in the picturesque setting of Haines, Alaska.

Isabelle Aoki
Isabelle Aoki
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Who Is Discovery's 'Gold Rush' Hottie Parker Schnabel Dating? Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Parker's journey into gold mining began at the incredibly young age of 5, right on his Grandpa John's Big Nugget Mine in the picturesque setting of Haines, Alaska.

At 18, Parker decided to leave the comfort of home and headed up to the Klondike. There, he secured a lease on ground previously operated by the legendary Tony Beets. Even at this young age, Parker's mining talents shone brightly, and he managed to extract an astonishing $13 million worth of gold by the time he was just 24 years old.

In the past few years, Parker's mining adventures have transported him to diverse locations around the globe. His exploration has taken him from retracing the historic Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush to undertaking mining expeditions in places as far-flung as Guyana and Papua New Guinea.

25-Year-Old Parker's Ambitious Quest

Now, at 25 years old, Parker remains as driven as ever. He is resolute in his quest to expand his mining operation and discover new ground that will allow him to mine gold throughout the entire year. He's following his instincts and a few promising leads, embarking on an ambitious 8000-mile journey to the expansive landscapes of Australia.

This vast land is renowned for its record-sized nuggets and is home to some of the largest untapped gold reserves globally. Parker and his friends are on the brink of a life-changing adventure that could forever transform Parker's identity as a miner.

Who Is Parker Schnabel's Wife?

Parker's connection with Tyler blossomed while he was touring Australia, and as time passed, their chemistry transformed into a deep and abiding love. Their bond is further strengthened by their shared backgrounds in gold mining. Parker's family history includes a legacy of gold mining, and Tyler's roots are firmly grounded in Australian gold prospecting.

The connection between Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney goes beyond their shared heritage. Both are avid seekers of gold nuggets and boast years of experience in the gold mining industry. This shared passion and expertise have brought them even closer together.

Their undeniable connection is evident in the ease with which they interact. Tyler once shared a photo on Instagram where she was seen stripped down, meticulously checking the river for potential crocodiles. This comfort level between them led fans to playfully suggest that Parker had found himself a true Australian gold nugget. Tyler and Parker have each other's backs, as Tyler has previously defended Parker against online trolls.

For instance, when Tyler shared a photo of the two on the gold rush trail, Parker appeared the dirtiest among the crew. A fan commented that Parker always seemed to be covered in dirt. Tyler quickly clarified that this was simply the nature of the work when you're digging around for precious gold, highlighting their shared understanding and camaraderie.

Who Is Schnabel Dating Now? Any New Girlfriend?

Parker Schnabel's recent breakup with the nurse has been open and honest with his fans, and many are now curious about his current dating status. Indeed, the 27-year-old appears to be in a new relationship. However, the identity of his new girlfriend is not a well-known public figure. On August 13th, the gold miner shared a suggestive photo featuring a lady named Brit Sheena Cowell.

Brit Sheena Cowell is believed to be a fellow gold miner and associated with Knickerbocker Glory TV. Although the photo they shared on Instagram has fueled speculation about their relationship, it's important to note that Parker Schnabel has not officially introduced her to the public.

There is a possibility that she is just a friend, but Brit Sheena Cowell is indeed Parker Schnabel's new girlfriend. Fans are eager to learn more about their relationship, including how they met and its stress. We hope that the Gold Rush celebrity will provide confirmation soon, and if they are indeed a couple, we wish them all the best in their journey, with hopes that it may even lead to marriage.

Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel's journey received a blessing or prediction from his grandfather, John Schnabel, a prominent cast member of the Gold Rush show.

Before passing at 96, John Schnabel assured his grandson that he would eventually find a woman to take good care of him. Not long after John's, Parker Schnabel crossed paths with Ashley Yule, who became his girlfriend. Ashley, a veterinary nurse from Australia, was introduced to the show through Parker, and she became a star of Gold Rush for nearly two seasons.

Their relationship, characterized by a lack of public drama, appeared perfect, with the Schnabel family openly expressing their admiration for Ashley. This is why Parker SchnabelSchnabel's with Ashley Yule came as a shock to their fans.

What sets Parker apart is his gentlemanly approach to the breakup. Unlike many individuals who tend to blame their partners in such situations, Parker took responsibility for the end of their relationship.

He openly admitted that the fault lay with him, acknowledging that he hadn't given the veterinary nurse the attention she deserved. Parker had been primarily focused on his gold mining endeavors and the show, leaving little room for their relationship to flourish.

In an exciting twist, John SchnabelSchnabel'sindirectly contributed to Parker SchnabelSchnabel's with Ashley Yule, as Parker'sParker'sent to his grandfatgrandfather'stook precedence in his life during that time.

Dating Rumors With Tyler Mahoney

Tyler Mahoney is a prominent TV personality, currently captivating audiences on the popular Discovery show 'Goshow.' Her experience in the industry goes beyond this, as she has previously worked on a similar series titled 'Aussie 'Old Hunters.'

In her current role, Tyler is part of Parker SchnabelSchnabel's exploring the long-abandoned mines of the Outback. Her roots in gold prospecting run deep, as she is a fourth-generation prospector from Western Australia. Her family has been entrenched in the gold mining business for over a century, and she has been immersed in this world since a young age, working in the family and mining sites.

What sets Tyler apart is her impressive knowledge and skill set. She is well-versed in operating heavy machinery and possesses a unique ability to pinpoint the location of gold nuggets based solely on the geology and geography of a place. Her resilience also shines through, as she is accustomed to working in the scorching heat and unfazed by flies' nuisance, a challenge that might bother many.

Furthermore, Tyler's Tyler'sl fitness and striking appearance have garnered attention from fans. Her proficiency in her field is matched by her captivating presence, both on and off-screen. Tyler MaIt'sy is a multifaceted talent who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of gold mining.

Exploring The Relationship Between Parker Schnabel And Tyler Mahoney On 'Gold Rush' Australia

'Tyler Rush'ey plays a pivotal role as one of the local stars on 'Gold Rush' Australia, c'llaboRush'g with the show's star, Parker Schnshow, as they explore the expansive mining landscapes.

Parker values Tyler's remarkable ability to navigate the vast gold mines and considers her a potential asset to his crew. Tyler has expressed deep admiration for Parker and the entire team, sharing numerous pictures of their adventures on her Instagram.

Given their close working relationship and their close age, fans have speculated about the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two stars. However, neither Parker Schnabel nor Tyler Mahoney has confirmed such a relationship. Tyler's social media includes pictures of another guy she refers to as 'babe,' adding to the intrigue.

The status of their relationship remains a mystery, leaving fans eager to see how things unfold in the show's upcoming seasons. Until then, we can only wait and see what the future holds for these TV personalities.

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