Wedding: “‘Till Death do You Part?”

What is a wedding to human beings? Wedding means you have to be tied with a person for the rest of your life. It means, in joy and pain, you stay together. Then is why going into a relationship is easy but getting into marriage is very difficult. Come to think of, you will face the same person every day for the rest of your life. What if someday, you will not like your partner? This is why marriage is not something that has to done abruptly.

Although you think of it over and over again, you will come to the point of fearing that there might be something that will happen on your journey. This is why if you want to get married, there must be love. Otherwise, if you marry a person you do not love or even like a little bit, you will live miserably. It is fortunate if you marry a person you do not love but soon you learn how to love. What if you will never learn?

Actually, wedding is not always because of love. There are numerous couples who wed not because of love, for other purpose but they live together happily until they end. Why then are many couples get marred because they have an affection but fail to live till the end of their life? People vow on the wedding day that they will be parted only by death. How beautiful the world will be if the case is like this? But this is impossible!