Parts of the Wedding Dress

As a woman who use a wedding dress, you must know the basic part of your wedding dress so you can be very confident of your look.

Sleeve-Sleeve is very essential for attractiveness. In your wedding, you can use short sleeve, long sleeve or sleeveless. If you are not confident in your chest and arms, it is good to use long sleeve that  fits your arm

Neckline-The neckline creates an illusion of how beautiful you are. You must choose a neckline because this is the first that will attract your audience. Confidence is very important here. Do not miss the beauty of the necklines that you will have to choose so that you will look stunningly gorgeous!

Bodice– This part is between the neckline and skirt part. In this part, you can be very sexy by choosing which type of bodice you choose, whether fitted of not. To look sexy, many choose the fitted bodice.

Waistline– If you notice, there is a horizontal line around your waist that separates the bodice from the skirt and this can also make some difference in your shape. Some have no seam.

Skirt– This is the part right below the waistline. There are many styles for skirt presented in the homepage.

Hemline-This is where the length of the dress stops, determines the length of the dress.

Train-At the back of a wedding dress is a long extension of the hemline that sweeps the floor. This adds to the elegant look of the bride.

*Veil- this is part of the silhouette of the bride. It is even more elegant to put on veil.