Is Wedding a Fulfillment of the Promise?

Majority will come to the moment of marriage as a next chapter in their lives. A man will fall in love with a woman and like that of a woman towards a man. Before getting into marriage, there are many obstacles and hindrances. There are many settlements to be engaged at. Is he or she the real one? Am I ready? Will I not regret in the end? Is it too early or too late? These sorts of questions. During the time of courtship, many pleasing personalities of each side will be seen.

It could be pretending or perhaps real. Each one (the man and woman) will do everything that pleases each other. They are like slaves to each other. No one wants to be served but only to serve. Time passes, they will soon become lovers. Their relationship will become stronger until such time marriage will be proposed. Now, is wedding a fulfillment of the promise? Being lovers, they will promise to love each other till death parts them. No matter circumstances they may be in, they will not surrender their love for each other.

To tie this promise, there comes the wedding. A ceremony in which the man and the woman exchange their vows and promise to fulfill it for life. How great would it be if all partners who are already in the marriage status will fulfill their vows. In reality, many couples have already broken their contract of marriage. It is because love fades. There are other reasons. Conclusively, the matter that is wedding a fulfillment of a promise is in you.