A brief history of the tiara and what it symbolizes

A tiara is one that is worn by women that symbolizes something special. Its origin can be from the use of the diadem that is put or wrapped in the head of the ruler of an empire in the time of the Greeks. The word origin is said to originate in the Persian empire as explained in the video below. The literal meaning is wrapped around the head. It is not that so clearly illustrated or explained but it can be said to be the symbol of authority or status of the person.

The title of the video is quite not fulfilled as there is no tutorial on how to make a tiara but the purpose of the one who made is for the understanding of the tiara. If you know something about it then you can make a tiara on your own knowing what is the purpose of it. In this modern times, a tiara is not just limited to the royalty but also to many people. It is now worn during prom night or during the gala. Those who turns eighteen of age also wears them.

Tiara wearing now depends on the woman who wears them as a symbol of independence, beauty, confidence and much more. If you can click this link now you will know something different than the topic now but also is very informative and applicable to these present times.